All You Need To Know About Hematemesis

There are lots of causes for a hematemesis to occur and it really needs immediate attention. What is the definition of hematemesis? Hematemesis is defined as vomiting a huge amount of blood. The color of the blood might be dark brown, black or bright red. This condition is very serious because it will cause you to lose lots of blood that will lead to shock and this require an immediate hospitalization. What are the causes of hematemesis? Any bleeding in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract like the stomach, esophagus or intestine can lead to hematemesis.

What are the symptoms and signs of this condition? If you have a peptic ulcer, you might have complains for acidity, you might also experience the feeling of fullness in the abdomen, nausea if you have a malignant tumor. You will also lose weight, appetite and malaise. If an individual starts to vomit along with other symptoms like nausea, confusion, rapid shallow breathing, fainting and cold clammy limbs, that person might be in shock and needs to be admitted in the ICU immediately.


What are the diagnoses for hematemesis? If a person is brought to the hospital and he/she is suffering from hematemesis, it is imperative to determine the cause of it so the doctor must ask for the medical history of the patient. Next, the vital signs must be checked. This includes blood pressure, pulse and breathing. Immediate treatments for this condition is to stop the blood lose. The rest of the treatment must be done correctly to prevent the worst to happen.



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Causes of Hematemesis

Vomiting of blood also known as hematemesis is the backward flow of blood via the upper GI tract. This is sometimes mistaken as hemoptysis, this one involves coughing of blood. Hematemesis is a very serious condition that must be treated on its earliest stage. Vomiting blood is, of course, not a normal situation so it is very understandable for a person to panic if they see blood in their vomit. The blood comes out via the GI tract including the stomach, small intestine, throat, mouth and esophagus.

There are lots of reasons for a person to vomit blood. Vomiting blood requires immediate medical attention and if the cause of it is already indentified, it is easy already to lessen the effect of it by killing the cause of it. You might vomit blood because of the bleeding ulcers in your stomach, esophagus or the first part of your intestine. The bleeding may be swallowed and will come out through the GI tract. Vigorous and prolonged retching might create a tear in the blood vessels in the esophagus or throat. This produces traces of blood in the vomit. This is also known as Mallory Weiss Syndrome.

Infections like frost bite and common colds or nose condition can cause hematemesis. Any defect in the GI tract blood vessels is one of the leading factors causing hematemesis. There are still many to mention but bottom line here is you really need to take care of your health especially if you’re suffering from hematemesis because if you have this unfortunate health condition, you really need to undergo series of tests.



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